Welcome to the pristine crown jewel of Europe – the archipelago of Malta. With its many cozy nooks and corners, hidden ancient temples, romantic seaside coves, and fossil-flecked mountains, Malta is an adventurer’s paradise. Come make your home in a country that never ceases to surprise.

Program Overview

The Malta Citizenship by Investment program was set up by the Government of Malta. The program invites foreign investors to invest funds in the developmental sectors of the country. The country also offers a residency by investment program.

Program Benefits
Months to Citizenship
Months to Citizenship
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  • 9th strongest passport in the world
  • Ability to live and work freely across Europe Union
  • Right to attend any university of choice across the EU for free or for a minimum special tuition fee
  • Diplomatic protection in any third country
  • Complete access to all EU education, healthcare, banking, real estate, and commercial facilities
  • Visa-free flexible travel to 182 countries, including Canada, the UK, and the Schengen states
  • Lifetime citizenship which can be passed down to generations
  • Application covers dependent children under the age of 27 and dependent parents above the age of 55
  • Double taxation treaties with 82 nations
  • Special trade incentives and tax reliefs
Program Qualifications

The Citizenship by Investment program in Malta, also known the Malta Individual Investor Programme (MIIP), is available for interested nationals (excluding nationals of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Islamic Republic of Iran, and Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea) through the passing of the Legal Notice 2014.

Minimum qualifications for interested applicants are:

  • Persons above the age of 18
  • Persons possessing fair and legal capital, worthy of investment
  • Persons with no criminal history
  • Persons in good health
  • Persons who have obtained a residency status valid for one year.

Non-Eligible Countries: Iran, N.Korea, Afghanistan

Investment Options

One of the prime trade spots in Europe, Malta is at the heart of European commerce. Applicants to the Citizenship by Investment program will find multiple avenues for investment in Malta. Applicants also have the option of doing business with other EU states post-processing of applications.

In order to be eligible, applicants must satisfy all the following investment criteria: 

 Contribution + Investment in Bonds + Property

  • Contribution to public national development funds

Applicants can invest in public funds which are used for National development and maintenance and the upkeep of civic facilities. Single applicants must pay a minimum of €750,000, with an addition of €25,000 for spouse and dependent children below age 18. Dependent children above age 18 must pay €50,000.

  • Investment in bonds

Interested applicants must make a minimum investment of €150,000 in Government-approved bonds. Bondholders must retain ownership of the bonds for five consecutive years after the date of purchase, before being eligible for resale.

  • Real estate

Applicants considering property investment can purchase real estate upon the investment of €350,000 or more in fresh property or through a rental contract amounting to a minimum of €16,000 p.a. Properties must be held for five years before being put up for resale.

Make Malta your second home 

Visa-Free Countries


417, 432
GDP nominal (per capita)
US$19.721 billion
GDP (purchasing power parity)

Central European Time Zone (UTC+01:00)
316 km2
Maltese, English
Euro €
Tourism, electronics, ship building and repair, construction
Full EU & Schengen Area Member State


  • Dual Citizenship allowed
  • Full member of Schengen
  • Favorable tax regime

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