Unlike most European countries, Germany does not offer a typical Golden Visa immigration program. However, similar to Belgium, France, and the UK, it does offer a residency program called the Entrepreneur Visa Program.

Program Overview

Germany typically does not offer a typical Golden Visa immigration program, unlike most other European countries. However, like Belgium, France, and the UK, it does offer a residency program called the Entrepreneur Visa Program.

This program is designed to boost investment in the various industries that operate in Germany. The program is inherently very different to the typical Golden Visa program. For instance, there are no requirements in terms of minimum stay with the host country.

Program Benefits
Months to Residency from
Min Investment Amount (€)
Years to Citizenship (from)*

There are many benefits to this program. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • The program allows you to establish a business in Germany or opt for self-employment.
  • Your family is eligible to take part in the program.
  • You are not required to have any past experience in running or operating a business.
  • There are no threshold investments required.
  • Dependents (family) are allowed to live and work in the country.
  • You are provided with a residence permit, which qualifies you for permanent residency after 3 years. After 8 years of permanent residency, you qualify for citizenship.  
  • Germany is a major player in the global economic and political spheres. It is home to one of the largest national economies and is the 4th largest in the world with regard to Nominal GDP.
  • It is home to one of the largest import and export sectors.
  • It offers a very high standard of living on par with most other European countries.
Program Qualifications

There are certain conditions to be met in order to qualify for the program, aside from investing the basic amount.

  • You are required to submit a detailed and well-written business plan that also boasts a healthy economic motive.
  • Along with a strong business plan, you are required to offer the minimum investment. Investors with entrepreneurial experience and success will be prioritized, though it is not necessary.
  • The business must be financed with your own capital/credit approval and transferable.
  • The business plan must be innovative, meaning it should introduce a new product/service into the market of Germany.
Investment Options

There are two ways to invest in Germany

  • Investment in an applicable investment project

A certain variety of investment opportunities offer the chance to successfully apply for German residency and to generate a return on investment. Therefore, it is important to choose the right investment opportunity for your particular situation. We recommend investors attempt to create local jobs through their investment, invest at least €300,000 to €1,000,000. Higher investment amounts always increase the chances of a successful application.

  • Investment in an own business

Germany’s Business Investor Residence Program involves multiple government authorities focused on ascertaining the viability of the businesses immigrating entrepreneurs plan to create. Creating and presenting a viable business plan is an important part of the process. Aspects such as the entrepreneur’s education and experience, investment amount, and employment targets are all considered when authorities make their decision. The authorities make their final decision based on how beneficial they deem the investor’s business for the German economy. We recommend investors attempt to create local jobs, invest at least €350,000 to €500,000, and learn conversational German. Higher investment amounts always increase the chances of a successful application. Our dedicated industry consultants can help structure the business plan in a way that increases the chances of success for the application.

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GDP (per capita)
US$4.743 trillion
GDP (purchasing power parity)

357,168 km2
Euro €
Automotive manufacturing, electrical


  • Largest economy in Europe
  • Europe’s most populous and industrialized nation
  • World renowned for its recognizable brands, precision engineering, and high-tech products

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