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Thailand offers an exclusive and unique residency program that is considered to the first of it’s kind. Applicants can gain the opportunity to reside in the country for up to a period of 20 years. Additionally, there are VIP benefits that the applicant/investor can make the most of.

Program Benefits

The Thai “Residency-By-Investment” Program is designed to provide a range of benefits, with the most sought after being a fast-track path to permanent residency and eventual citizenship. Here are a few other reasons why you should enroll in the program.

  •    Thailand is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world and is ripe with investment opportunities, thanks to international trade and business.
  •    The Thai economy is one of the most stable as it rests on sectors such as textiles, fishery, manufacturing, agriculture, and even jewelry.
  •    Thailand is also a beautiful place to reside in. It is surrounded by tranquility and the best that nature has to offer. It is also home to a vibrant culture, mouth-watering cuisine, and bustling life.
  •    There are no requirements with regard to a minimum stay period. Applicants can stay for even just a few days.
  •    There are attractive benefits in terms of tax. In fact, you are required to pay an income tax only on the income earned within Thailand.
  •    Applicants are entitled to VIP privileges such as airport transfers, 24-hour immigration support, and lounge access etc.
  •    Unrestricted rights to carry out business, work, and live in Thailand.
  •    Investors can even apply to become directors of public companies in Thailand.
  •    After ten years of permanent residency, the applicant/investor becomes eligible to apply for citizenship.
Program Qualifications

To qualify for the Investor-Business Visa, the applicant must submit the visa application to the Thai Office of Immigration Bureau. They must also possess a valid passport.

When submitting the application, the investor/applicant must also show evidence of their financial strength. This is necessary in order to establish whether or not the applicant/investor is capable of supporting himself/herself.

The investor/applicant must also submit a letter from their employer indicating his/her position, salary, duration of employment with the employer, and the reason for moving to Thailand.

The investor/applicant must also submit certain documents. This includes the correspondence with business partners in Thailand and the invitation letter/corporate documents sent by the Thai business partner. Corporate documents here could include any license or business registration documents held by the Thai business partner.

Once approved, the applicant/investor will be provided with an Investor-Business Visa for 3 months. This can be renewed every year. Once the investor has held the visa for 3 years, he/she can apply for permanent residency. He/she will also be required to invest 3,000,000 Baht and show proof of it.

Other than that, the investor/applicant should have no criminal records.

Investment Options

There are mainly 3 packages that investors/applicants can choose from.

  1. Elite Ultimate Privilege: This package entitles the applicant to a 20-year residence visa for an investment of US$60,000. Applicants must be aged 20 or above.

There are VIP privileges attached to this package, such as VIP assistance for passport and immigration formalities, short-haul transfers on international flights, and VIP lounge access.

Investors also receive hospitality services such as spa/golf treatment 24 times in a year and one annual health checkup at a local hospital.

  1. Elite Privilege Access: Aimed at families, the package entitles the investor to a 10-year visa. However, the main applicant has to pay US$30,000 for himself/herself and $22,500 for each dependent. There are no age restrictions or annual fees. Dependents can be a spouse (including civil unions), step-children, children, and legitimate parents.

The visa under this package, however, cannot be transferred.

Complimentary privileges include 18 short-haul transfers, government concierge services, and annual health checkups at a local hospital for each member of the family.

  1. Elite Easy Access: This package entitles the applicant to a 5-year residence visa for a fee of US$15,000. There are no age restrictions or annual fees. The visa cannot be transferred. However, the applicant can upgrade to the Elite Ultimate Privilege for an additional fee of US$45,000. 

Make Thailand your second home 

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GDP nominal (per capita)
$1.310 trillion
GDP (purchasing power parity)

513,120 km2
Isan, Kam Mueang, Pak Tai
Baht (฿) (THB)
Automotive industry, Export, Agriculture, Tourism


  • Low crime, safe place
  • Good infrastructure, export channels
  • Low cost of living

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