CitizenMatch consists of world-wide market consultants paving the way for high net-worth individuals to acquire second citizenship and gain knowledge about residency options. Each year there are more and more frustrated business people whose passport restricts their commercial opportunities. CitizenMatch provides individuals as well as their families with the opportunity to become Citizens of the dream-country by investing in second citizenship around the world.  This get accomplished through a custom service experience, which simplifies complexity and is supported and sustained by long-term relationships.

Do you consider yourself a global citizen?

Whether you are seeking permanent residency or second citizenship, CitizenMatch helps you get a thorough picture of different programs including “Citizenship through investment” and “Residency through investment”. We are also honored to help you apply for the option you are interested in. Learn how becoming a global Citizen with CitizenMatch can help you create the opportunities for yourself and your family.

CitizenMatch is dedicated to serving immigrant investors and their families, people who are looking for better opportunities and future outside their home country.


Our team assists high-net-worth investors from all over the world acquire second citizenships.


CitizenMatch provides its Certified Partners with services and training to deliver the best possible experience to clients seeking to invest in second residence or citizenship.


We work directly with Government representatives to ensure a fast acquisition of your second citizenship.

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