Post 19 pic Even More Investors Attracted to CBI Programs
CBI Programs’ Attractiveness to Investors

Even More Investors Attracted to CBI Programs

Living in a world full of uncertainty, acquiring a second citizenship or residency becomes inevitable enabling you to take control of your destiny. Given the prevalence of political and economic chaos coupled with individuals’ desire to gain economic freedom and international mobility, second citizenship or residency is a well-established trend a …

Post 18 pic Saint Kitts and Nevis’ Increased Economic Development through the CBI Program
Saint Kitts’ CBI Fuels Increased Economic Prosperity

Saint Kitts and Nevis’ Increased Economic Development through the CBI Program

While citizenship and residency by investment programs have been of tremendous benefit to foreign investors seeking to live a better life and broaden their business opportunities, it is beyond any doubt that these programs have also been a great avenue for economic growth and development for countries offering them….

The UK Tier 1 Investor Visa Will It Be Reformed
The UK Tier-1 Investor Visa: Will It Be Reformed?

Uncertainty Around the UK’s Investment Program 

In an effort to overhaul the tier 1 investor program, the UK’s Home Office made an announcement about the program’s suspension on December 06, 2018. The suspension was to come into effect a day later on December 07, 2018. However, the Home Office has failed to implement its plan of suspending the program to date. Foreign investors c…

Montenegro’s New Investment Program

Fascinated with the benefits associated with citizenship and residence by investment programs, Montenegro is the latest nation to offer an investment program as a part of its ongoing efforts to attract foreign investment. The government declared its intention to launch the investment program in early Summer and has recently set the program’s parameters. The program which can channel significant …

Increased Demand for Turkish CBI Program

Turkey’s commitment to foreign investment, robust economic growth during the past two decades, integration into the world economy as well as major economic reforms including the shift from agriculture to industry and service activities have transformed Turkey into a high potential country. These outstanding features along with liberal investment policies explain why Turkey is an appealing destin…

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