Bulgaria is a Balkan nation with diverse terrain, encompassing a coastline along the Black Sea, a mountainous interior, and many rivers. It is located in southeastern Europe, bordering Romania, Serbia, the Republic of Macedonia, Greece, and Turkey.

Bulgaria is part of the European Union, but not part of the Eurozone.

Program Overview

The Bulgaria Fast-Track Citizenship Program allows an applicant to obtain permanent residence on a fast track, and full Bulgarian “EU” citizenship within couple years. Bulgarian citizenship will allow the applicants and their family to live, work, and study in Bulgaria and freely travel in Europe.

Program Benefits
Months to Residency from
Min Investment Amount (€)
Years to Citizenship (from)*

There are many benefits to this program. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • The Government processing time for due diligence and permanent residence (PR) is 3-4 months.
  • Fast-track applicants can apply for citizenship after holding PR for one year, and will receive citizenship within a year (about 2 years total processing time).
  • Citizens have visa-free access to approximately 142 countries and territories, including Canada and Europe.
  • There are no restrictions on nationalities (all foreign nationalities may apply).
  • The financing is non-recourse to the principal applicant, and he/she has no personal liability to repay any portion of the loan.
  • Bulgaria allows dual/multiple citizenship.
  • There is no age restriction, language requirement, in-country residency requirement, education requirement, or management/business experience requirement.
  • Citizenship is transferable by descent and may be transferred to all children and grandchildren regardless of age, marital status, or family size (including adopted children).
  • Bulgaria has one of the lowest tax rates in the European Union, and boasts a free-trade environment.
Program Qualifications

There are certain conditions to be met in order to qualify for the program, aside from investing the basic amount.

  • The applicant must possess a valid passport and reside legally in a country.
  • The applicant must pass a medical and security background check.
  • The applicant must provide a declaration explaining the source/origin of invested funds.
  • The principal applicant must be a minimum of 18 years old (no maximum age).
  • The spouse must be married to the principal applicant for at least 5 years 
  • The applicant must visit Bulgaria twice (for 2 and 4 days respectively), but there is no further requirement for in-country residence during the process, and therefore no income tax liability.
Investment Options

The investment options for Bulgaria Program are following:

  • Supplemental Offering

After the principal applicant obtains citizenship, descendants (children, grandchildren, and adopted children) can immediately apply for citizenship, however, the spouse requires a 5-year waiting period following their PR approval. Once the principal applicant obtains citizenship, the spouse and all dependents can follow the principal applicant to any country in Europe and easily obtain residence there.

FAQs about Bulgaria & The Citizenship by Investment Program
  • What’s the difference between the standard track application and the fast track application? 

There are two differences – the speed and the amount of the investment.

On the Standard Track, the applicant can acquire permanent residence after making the investment, and would hold the investment for a period of 5 years. At the end of the 5 years the applicant can apply for citizenship. On the Fast Track, the applicant can make an additional investment of 1,000,000 BGN (approximately 513,000 EUR) one year after the initial investment and he/she is immediately eligible to apply for citizenship.

  • I have a family. Can my spouse and children obtain citizenship?

Yes. Spouses and birth or adoptive children of the applicant may acquire citizenship as a result of the applicant’s citizenship, without more investment. Even better, children can be of any age – they do not have to be dependent on the applicant, in education or below a certain age. Family members become eligible a short time after the main applicant, approximately 1 year after him or her.

  • Who can apply for the immigrant investor program in Bulgaria?

Any foreign citizen of legal age and with a clean criminal record who is not considered a threat to national security can invest a minimum of 1,000,000 BGN, thus making him or her eligible to apply for Bulgarian citizenship.

Make Bulgaria your second home 

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GDP (per capita)
GDP (purchasing power parity)

110,993.6 km2
Euro €
agriculture, tourism


  • Right to live, work, and study anywhere in European Union
  • No restrictions on nationalitie
  • Dual/multiple citizenship is allowed

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