New Zealand

New Zealand stands as one of the globe’s most stable and efficiently governed nations, making it an appealing choice for investment, entrepreneurial endeavors, and family life. It consistently ranks within the top 10 for factors such as investor protection, business initiation, and overall ease of doing business.

Program Overview

New Zealand offers an immigration and investment policy that allows foreign individuals to secure permanent residency by making a significant investment in the nation.

Program Benefits
Months to Residency from
Min Investment Amount (USD)
Years to Citizenship (from)*
  • Elevated quality of life, a diverse population, and sparse population density
  • Eligibility for residency for a spouse and financially dependent children up to age 24
  • Robust political, social, and economic stability
  • A robust legal framework founded on English law
  • Absence of gift, estate, or wealth tax, along with no capital gains tax
Program Qualifications

To qualify for residency, candidates must satisfy the subsequent conditions:

  • Invest a sum ranging from NZD 5 million to NZD 15 million within a four-year timeframe.
  • Maintain good health and possess a commendable character.
  • Allocate 117 days in New Zealand over the four-year residency period.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the English language.
  • Additionally, the following assets can be invested, with each weighted accordingly toward meeting the NZD 15 million investment threshold:
  • Direct investments in approved businesses receive a 3x weighting.
  • Investments in endorsed managed funds, such as private equity or venture capital funds, receive a 2x weighting.
  • Investment in listed equities and contributions to philanthropy both carry a 1x weighting, with each capped at 50% of the NZD 15 million investment requirement.
Types of Investments and Fees
  • Investor 2 Category: Resident visa for experienced business professionals with a minimum investment of NZD $3 million over four years.
  • Global Impact Residence Visa: Resident visa for talented entrepreneurs, investors, and startup teams to establish residence while working and living in New Zealand.
  • Global Impact Work Visa: Path to residency for innovative entrepreneurs, investors, and startup teams to live and work in New Zealand for up to three years. 


Visa Category Application Fee (NZD) Immigration Levy (NZD) Due Diligence Fee (NZD)
Investor 2 Category 3,475.56 495 1,500 – 2,500
Global Impact Residence Visa 3,475.56 495 1,500 – 2,500
Global Impact Work Visa 2,657.78 495 1,500 – 2,500


Please note that these fees are estimates and may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each applicant. It is always best to consult with a licensed immigration consultant to get an accurate quote of the fees involved.

In addition to the fees listed above, applicants may also need to pay for the following:

  • Medical examination costs
  • Police clearance costs
  • Translation costs
  • Travel costs

Does the Active Investor Plus visa lead to citizenship?

Yes, you can become eligible for citizenship through naturalization after residing legally in New Zealand for five years, spending a minimum of 240 days in the country, but the process involves additional steps, applications, and exams.

Is English proficiency a requirement for the New Zealand Golden Visa?

Yes, one of the prerequisites for eligibility is the ability to speak English.

Can I apply for the New Zealand Golden Visa with my family?

Indeed, you can include your spouse and dependents under 24 years old in your Active Investor Plus visa application. They will enjoy the same privileges as the primary applicant, with the right to live, work, and study in New Zealand.

Do I need to use NZD for the New Zealand Golden Visa investment?

Yes, you are required to make your investment in the local currency, and you can check the current exchange rate here.

Can I invest in real estate for the New Zealand Golden Visa qualification?

No, property investment does not qualify for the Active Investor Plus visa. Eligible investments include philanthropy, listed equities, managed funds, and direct investments.

How long is the application process?

Processing your New Zealand Golden Visa application typically takes around five months.

What is the minimum duration to maintain my investments for the New Zealand Golden Visa?

You must uphold your investments for a minimum of 48 months to retain eligibility for the New Zealand Golden Visa.

What is the required presence in New Zealand?

To maintain New Zealand Golden Visa residency, you must be in the country for at least 117 days within the four-year visa term. If you intend to apply for citizenship, you must spend at least 240 days in New Zealand annually for five years.

Make New Zealand your second home 

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5,223,100 (2023 est.)

GDP (per capita):

$62,600 (2023 est.)

GDP (purchasing power parity):

$426.5 billion (2023 est.)

Capital city: Wellington

Time zone: UTC+12 (New Zealand Standard Time)

Total area: 268,838 square kilometers

Languages: English (official), Māori, New Zealand Sign Language

Currency: New Zealand dollar (NZD)

Main industry: Agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, financial services

Schengen/EU: Not a member


    • Exceptional quality of life with a strong economy, low crime rates, and beautiful natural surroundings, fostering a strong sense of community and work-life balance.
    • Breathtaking natural beauty, featuring snow-capped mountains, glaciers, pristine beaches, and diverse wildlife.
    • A friendly and welcoming population in a multicultural nation, where people from around the world have found a home in New Zealand.

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