Mexico is a country of captivating contrasts. It weaves together a rich tapestry of ancient history and modern vitality, with a culture deeply rooted in its indigenous past. From its diverse landscapes, including breathtaking coastlines and lush jungles, to its bustling cities and charming villages, Mexico offers a vibrant and multifaceted experience. Known for its warm hospitality, exquisite cuisine, and world-renowned traditions, this introduction merely scratches the surface of a nation filled with a kaleidoscope of colors, flavors, and history waiting to be explored.

Program Overview

The Mexican Residency by Investment program offers a unique blend of cultural richness, global access, and a favorable investment climate. Through significant financial contributions or investments, individuals can secure Mexican residency, providing access to a thriving economy, an enviable lifestyle, and potential tax advantages. Beyond the allure of Mexico’s beaches and cuisine, this program opens doors to a vibrant global hub with numerous opportunities. While direct citizenship by investment isn’t an option, Mexican citizenship may be attainable after five years of legal residency through this program.

Program Benefits
Months to Residency from
Min Investment Amount (USD)
Years to Citizenship (from)*
  • Cultural Fusion: Immerse in Mexico’s dynamic cultural blend, from ancient traditions to modern arts.
  • Global Accessibility: Mexico’s central location facilitates trade and travel, and its passport allows visa-free entry to numerous countries.
  • Economic Opportunities: Explore thriving sectors, from tech startups to real estate and tourism.
  • Tax Benefits: Unlock potential tax advantages and double taxation treaties with multiple nations.
  • Enhanced Lifestyle: Enjoy renowned beaches, exquisite cuisine, and a rich tapestry of local experiences.
  • Path to Citizenship: The investor visa can lead to Mexican citizenship, offering deeper ties to the country.
  • Healthcare & Infrastructure: Access top-tier healthcare and steadily improving infrastructure for comfort and well-being.
  • Educational Advantages: Choose from reputable international schools with diverse curricula for expat families.
  • Real Estate Growth: Engage in a booming property market, with lucrative investment opportunities in prime locations.
  • Natural Beauty: Explore Mexico’s diverse and breathtaking landscapes, from lush forests to serene beaches and majestic mountains
Program Qualifications

To successfully navigate the Mexican Residency by Investment process, it’s essential to comprehend the prerequisites. Here’s a simplified guide to ensure you meet all the requirements:

Eligibility Criteria

Clear Record: No criminal history in Mexico or any other country.

Financial Solvency: Demonstrate stable finances and a consistent income source.

Health Clearance: Provide evidence of good health, free from contagious diseases.

Investment Requirements

Real Estate: Purchase property in Mexico with a specified minimum value, approximately $220,000.

Business Ventures: Invest in shares of a Mexican corporation, totaling a minimum of approximately $110,000, creating at least three jobs.

Required Documents

Passport: Valid passport with at least six months’ validity.

Health Certificate: Obtain from a recognized medical institution, detailing your health status.

Financial Statements: Present proof of income or savings to confirm financial stability.

Property or Investment Proof: Depending on your chosen investment path, this could include property deeds, business registration, bond certificates, or bank deposit confirmation.

Police Clearance: Provide a certificate from your home country verifying the absence of criminal records.

Residency Application Form: Complete and sign the application form.

Passport-size Photographs: In accordance with specified guidelines.

Residency in Mexico Based on Monthly Income

To attain temporary residency, a minimum monthly income of approximately $3,275 for the past six months is necessary (please note that specific consulates may request a full year’s income records).

For those seeking permanent residency, an average monthly income of about $5,460 over the last six months is required (once more, certain consulates might seek income history spanning a complete year).

Types of Investments and Fees

Mexican Residency by Real Estate Investment

To qualify for Mexican Residency by Real Estate Investment, you must purchase a property in Mexico with a value of at least MXN$8,297,600 (around $437,000). You must also pay an application fee and other fees, such as government fees, legal fees, and translation fees. Once you have been approved for residency, you will be granted a temporary resident visa. After four years of maintaining your temporary residency, you can apply for permanent residency.

Mexican Residency by Capital Investment

To qualify for Mexican Residency by Capital Investment, you must invest at least MXN$4,149,600 (around $218,000) in a Mexican business. You must also pay an application fee and other fees, such as government fees, legal fees, and translation fees. Once you have been approved for residency, you will be granted a temporary resident visa. After four years of maintaining your temporary residency, you can apply for permanent residency.

Both Mexican Residency by Real Estate Investment and Mexican Residency by Capital Investment offer a number of benefits, including:

  • The ability to live and work in Mexico indefinitely
  • The ability to apply for Mexican citizenship after four years of permanent residency
  • Access to Mexican healthcare and education systems
  • The ability to own property in Mexico

If you are interested in obtaining Mexican residency through real estate investment or capital investment, I recommend that you consult with a qualified immigration consultant. They can help you to determine the best path forward based on your individual circumstances.


Residency Type Fees
Mexican Residency by Real Estate Investment
Property value: at least MXN$8,297,600 (around $437,000)
Application fee: MXN$3,866 (around $200)
Other fees: government fees, legal fees, and translation fees
Total fees: MXN$8,297,600 + MXN$3,866 + other fees
Mexican Residency by Capital Investment
Investment amount: at least MXN$4,149,600 (around $218,000)
Application fee: MXN$3,866 (around $200)
Other fees: government fees, legal fees, and translation fees
Total fees: MXN$4,149,600 + MXN$3,866 + other fees

What Are the Key Routes for Acquiring a Temporary Resident Visa in Mexico via Investment?

Two primary avenues exist: investing in Mexican real estate or in a privately-owned Mexican business or one listed on the Mexican stock exchange. These pathways adhere to the foreign investment law designed to attract foreign investors to Mexico.

How Can I Initiate the Application Process for a Temporary Resident Visa?

Your initial step should involve reaching out to a Mexican consulate or a reputable investment migration advisory firm. They can offer the most accurate and up-to-date information concerning the procedures associated with securing a temporary resident visa.

What Is the Duration of Stay Allowed with a Temporary Resident Visa in Mexico?

A temporary resident visa permits a stay of up to four years in Mexico. After four consecutive years as a temporary resident, you become eligible to apply for permanent residence.

What Is the Minimum Investment Required for Real Estate Investment?

The minimum investment amount is determined based on the Minimum Daily Wage (MDW) or Unit of Measure and Update (UMA). Generally, the property’s market value should be equivalent to at least 40,000 times MDW or UMA, and it must be located in Mexico to qualify for a temporary resident visa.

Can Family Members Also Attain Mexican Residency through Investment?

Certainly, your family members can apply for temporary or permanent residency based on your status. However, their applications might necessitate additional documentation.

How Can I Progress from Being a Permanent Resident to Achieving Mexican Citizenship?

After accumulating five years of permanent residence, you can initiate the process for obtaining Mexican citizenship. Becoming a citizen allows you to delve further into Mexican culture and participate fully as a community member.

Is It Possible to Establish a Mexican Company as a Temporary Resident?

Yes, the Mexican government permits temporary residents to establish or invest in a Mexican company. However, applications in this regard tend to be more intricate.

What Are the Financial Requirements for Temporary and Permanent Resident Visas?

For a temporary resident visa, you are required to demonstrate a monthly income of at least approximately US$3,275 over the past 6-12 months. For permanent residency, the criterion is about US$5,460 per month during the same period.

Can I Maintain Dual Citizenship if I Become a Mexican Citizen?

Indeed, Mexican citizens are permitted to hold dual citizenship, enjoying the privileges of citizenship in both countries, subject to each nation’s respective laws.

Make Mexico your second home 

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GDP (per capita):


GDP (purchasing power parity):


Capital city: Mexico City

Time zone: North American Central Time (UTC-6)

Total area: 1,964,375 km2

Languages: Spanish (official), 68 indigenous languages

Currency: Mexican peso (MXN)

Main industry: Manufacturing, tourism, agriculture

Schengen/EU: Mexico is not a member of the Schengen Area or the European Union.


    • Affordable Living: Mexico offers a cost-effective lifestyle, allowing residents to maintain a high quality of life without significant expenses.
    • Diverse Scenery: The country’s varied landscapes, from beaches to mountains and cities, provide numerous outdoor activities and stunning natural surroundings.
    • Cultural Richness: Mexico’s rich cultural heritage, celebrated through traditions, festivals, and renowned cuisine, offers a continuous source of fascination and enjoyment for residents.

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