Antigua and Barbuda

Enamel blue waters and white, sandy bays play home to the English-speaking islands of Antigua and Barbuda. Life is a party and once here, you may find yourself rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of Hollywood. Be a part of this prestigious Commonwealth country where the frigid Atlantic meets the warm Caribbean.

Program Overview

The Citizenship by Investment program allows interested parties to gain a secondary citizenship in the host country with a minimum investment. This program is ideal for those who wish to start a business overseas or who are looking to start a new life abroad.

Program Benefits
Months to Citizenship
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  • The 9th largest Caribbean country, with an application processing time of 3-4 months
  • Visa-free travel to 151 countries
  • Citizenship coverage may include spouse, dependent children, and dependent parents over 55 years of age
  • Option to apply for citizenship from the home country
  • Education and work applications not required for citizenship
  • Tax-free global income  
Program Qualifications

The Commonwealth nation of Antigua and Barbuda established the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program in 2012, in an attempt to encourage more investment in the Caribbean islands. Qualifications for citizenship are:

  • Persons who are of sound mind and body
  • Persons with sound, ethical character
  • Persons with no criminal record
  • Persons with a high net worth

Once the application is approved, holders of the Antigua & Barbuda passport through the citizenship by investment scheme must prove a minimum residency of five days in Antigua & Barbuda in the first five years.

Non-Eligible Countries:  Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan.

Investment Options

Antigua and Barbuda is a country with 170 sq miles of lush greenery and pristine, sandy beaches. This exotic landscape brings with it numerous investment opportunities for interested parties. The country invites interested persons to apply for the Citizenship by Investment program.

The investment opportunities in Antigua and Barbuda are:

  • Real estate

Each year, the number of residents migrating from the rural regions to the urban centers of the country is increasing, leading to an increase in job creation. Requirements for homes and commercial centers are also on the rise, making real estate a highly lucrative avenue for interested investors. The growing population of residents under age 15 indicates a boom in real estate in the future.

Applicants are allowed to purchase real estate in pre-approved developments at a minimum value of US$400,000. They are required to hold the property for a minimum of five years, before resale. Currently, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda is constructing a multi-resort project, Callaloo Cay, which is open for foreign investment.

  • Commercial business investment

Individual investors must invest a minimum US$1.5 million to start commercial business establishments in the country. Multiple investors can jointly invest US$5 million and upward in commercial business ventures.

  • Donation to the National Development Fund (NDF)

Interested applicants have the option of investing in charitable organizations a minimum donation of US$100,000. All donations must be directed towards the National Development Fund. T

Make Antigua & Barbuda your second home 

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GDP (per capita)
US$2. 731 Billion 
GDP (purchasing power parity)


St John’s


Eastern Caribbean Time Zone

442,6 km²

English (official), Antiguan creole

ECD $  (East Caribbean dollar)


EU travel –Visa Free

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  • Modern international airport and hub
  • Affordable option for families
  • Favorable tax regime

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