Post 19 pic Even More Investors Attracted to CBI Programs
CBI Programs’ Attractiveness to Investors

Even More Investors Attracted to CBI Programs

Living in a world full of uncertainty, acquiring a second citizenship or residency becomes inevitable enabling you to take control of your destiny. Given the prevalence of political and economic chaos coupled with individuals’ desire to gain economic freedom and international mobility, second citizenship or residency is a well-established trend a …

Montenegro’s New Investment Program

Fascinated with the benefits associated with citizenship and residence by investment programs, Montenegro is the latest nation to offer an investment program as a part of its ongoing efforts to attract foreign investment. The government declared its intention to launch the investment program in early Summer and has recently set the program’s parameters. The program which can channel significant …

Post 11 PEI's Controversial Entrepreneur Streams Terminated
PEI’s Controversial Entrepreneur Streams Terminated

PEI Eliminating Two of Its Entrepreneur Streams

Effective September 20, 2018, Prince Edward Island will no longer accept applications under 100% ownership and partial ownership streams. The Economic Development and Tourism Minister declared on September 12, 2018 that the government’s decision to close these two streams would serve the best interests of the province. He also emphasized the ne…

Post 10 pic. CBI Programs Intertwined with Countries_ Development
CBI Programs Intertwined with Countries’ Development

CBI Programs Are Changing the Lives of Citizens

The citizenship by investment program, which grants second citizenship in return for qualifying investment, has produced positive effects on the economies of participating nations while opening the door for endless opportunities (including higher standard of living, tax planning, business flexibility and so forth) to investors.

The mutually ben…

Difference Between CBI & Residency

Various nations around the world confer legal status to foreign nationals through residency, permanent residency, and citizenship by investment programs (also known as CBI).

Although residency and citizenship may seem similar, they have many differences and it is crucial to fully understand how these differences can affect you. Clarifying the definition and implications of these terms as well …

G-7 Annual Summit

G-7 Leaders Get Together in Canada for the 44th Annual Summit
G-7 countries consisting of the United States, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Japan and representing approximately 50 percent of the global economy gather once a year to find solutions to pressing global challenges. It comes as no surprise that G-7 countries as politically and economically advanced states exer…