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Citizenship in Any of the EU Member States Opens Up Many Invaluable Windows of Opportunity

Many European countries specifically member states of the European Union (EU) have been Many European countries, specifically member states of the European Union (EU), have been final destinations for those interested in obtaining a second citizenship. Germany, for instance, counts as the second most sought-after country for immigration after the United States, according to UN figures. One may wonder what makes immigration to EU countries appealing to some foreign nationals? Are there any advantages associated with acquiring the citizenship of an EU country (other than the benefits provided by the chosen country for second citizenship) that make some seek an opportunity to live in these countries?

Generally, any national of a member state of the EU is considered a citizen of the EU and is provided with an EU passport. Thus, if you obtain the citizenship of any of the EU countries, you will be privileged to have EU citizenship as well. Below are some of the many advantages coming with EU citizenship:

  • Unrestricted Travel 
    EU citizens are fortunate to bypass the lengthy and inconvenient process of the visa application required to enter any of the EU member states. Other than that, obtaining the citizenship of any of the EU member states secures visa free entry into most of the countries.
  • Employment
    As an EU citizen, you are entitled to take up work in any of the EU member states without a work permit and enjoy equal treatment with nationals in access to employment and working conditions.
  • Residence
    With an EU passport, you would be able to reside in any EU country for three months without any legal formalities. In case of residence for more than three months, the right is conferred on those working or studying in the host member state or individuals possessing sufficient resources for themselves and their families. Your rights in any of the EU member states includes but is not limited to establishing a company, purchasing properties, utilizing public services such as healthcare, studying etc. An EU national living in another EU country who meets certain requirements can even exercise the right to vote and stand as a candidate in elections of the European Parliament or municipal elections.

Thus, it is no wonder the citizenship of an EU member state has been regarded with favor by many foreign nationals. Please note that investing in second citizenship and successful relocation to another country requires substantial expertise and experience and your dreams of residing in the country of your choice would not turn into reality without professional assistance. We are devoted to the representation of our clients’ interests and the pursuit of their legal. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 001.312.881.8166 or should you have any questions.

Posted on June 7th, 2018 | Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Spain, UK
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