Turkish CBI Program Destined to Benefit Investors and the Government

In the wake of political and economic instability prevalent in many countries, the citizenship by investment programs have continued to attract the attention of those looking for a safe haven. Competing with other elite citizenship by investment programs, the Turkish citizenship program has nothing short of exemplary and is undoubtedly an incredible asset to foreign investors. Turkey’s possible accession to the EU and the Schengen area, the potential of its economy, more than 70 million consumers, workforce low cost (as compared to other European countries), liberal foreign investment policies, and many other factors have contributed to its development into an ideal investment destination.

In spite of being new, the Turkish citizenship by investment program has kept up with the competitors and shares the advantages of top-tier programs. Benefits such as ease of worldwide travel, fast acquisition of Turkish citizenship (in a matter of 4 months), relative affordability, zero residency requirements, inclusion of family members, wide range of investment options, and program transparency bring the Turkish citizenship by investment program to the same level as other leading programs.

With the Turkish citizenship by investment program comes a wide array of investment options including real estate investment, cash deposit, fixed capital investment, job creation, and purchase of government bonds and companies’ share. As for the real estate investment option, foreign investors must make a minimum investment of USD 250,000, down from a previous value set at USD 1,000,000. The resulting revenues have been critical for the country’s economic development. With the Turkish government significantly cutting the investment amount earlier this month, the demand for investment in the country is expected to increase which would in turn produce positive effects on Turkey’s economy.

While the Turkish citizenship may be an end in itself for many investors, some may view it as a means to accomplishing another goal. In fact, deep tensions between the U.S. and certain countries (including Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Chad and North Korea) have created impediments in obtaining a U.S. visa for some nationals. However, the Turkish citizenship by investment program would enable these nationals to invest in Turkey, acquire their Turkish citizenship, apply for a U.S. visa using their Turkish citizenship and therefore, avoid the visa restrictions. For more information on the Turkish citizenship by investment program, please feel free to drop us a line at info@citizenmatch.com.

Posted on November 5th, 2018 | Turkey
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