Popularity of Vanuatu’s citizenship increasing by investment program


Would you like to be a citizen of an 83-island tropical paradise nation in the South Pacific, between Australia and New Zealand, with sustainable agriculture, energy independence, and a free market economy with no personal income taxes?  If so, the country of Vanuatu, and its citizenship by investment program, may be of interest to you. It has apparently attracted the attention of other foreigners seeking citizenship, as the recent “Treasury Monthly Budget Report – January 2019”, issued by Vanuatu’s Department of Finance and Treasury, disclosed that Vanuatu’s citizenship by investment program “collected VT [vatu] 1,098.4 million” (approximately $9.5 million) just in January, 2019, “254.1 per cent more than the forecast figure of VT 241.9 million, and . . . 31.8 per cent more than VT 833.1 million collected during the same period last year”.

In reviewing the above-described report from Vanuatu’s Department of Finance and Treasury, the “Vanuatu Daily Post”, in an April 29 article, stated, “Based on official revenue figures and current passport prices, the Daily Post estimates that over 1,800 passports were issued to people via Vanuatu’s various citizenship by investment programmes in 2018.  Much of that has happened in the second half of the year. Revenues equivalent to about 1,300 sales were reported in the six months between July 2018 and the end of January this year. On average, five new citizens were added every day last year. In the six months between July and January, that number rises to seven. . . . [T]he majority of passport sales originate from mainland China”.

Vanuatu’s citizenship by investment program requires one-time non-refundable charges (for all government and agent administrative processing fees, and filing, certificate and passport production costs) of $160,000 for a single applicant, $185,000 for a married couple, $200,000 for a married couple and 1 child, and $220,000 for a married couple and 2 children (plus $25,000 for each additional dependent).  There is also a $5,000 “FIU Due Diligence Fee” for each applicant. You must show a minimum net worth of at least $450,000.  

It is believed that Vanuatu offers the only citizenship by investment program of its type in the “Asia-Pacific hemisphere”.  Processing of citizenship under Vanuatu’s citizenship by investment program is estimated to only take between 45 to 60 days to complete, making it one of the fastest citizenship by investment program processing times in the world.  With Vanuatuan citizenship, you can gain “visa-free/visa on arrival” access to over 120 countries, including most of Europe, Russia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Dual citizenship is recognized in Vanuatu; you do not have to renounce your existing citizenship to become a citizen of Vanuatu.          

If you would like more information on Vanuatu’s citizenship by investment program, please contact CitizenMatch, at info@citizenmatch.com, or (773) 349-6693, for assistance.

Posted on August 16th, 2019 | Vanuatu
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