CBI Programs Intertwined with Countries’ Development

CBI Programs Are Changing the Lives of Citizens

The citizenship by investment program, which grants second citizenship in return for qualifying investment, has produced positive effects on the economies of participating nations while opening the door for endless opportunities (including higher standard of living, tax planning, business flexibility and so forth) to investors.

The mutually beneficial system (between investors and governments) was born from the need to stimulate the economies of certain nations. This system of investment has experienced strong growth in recent years and has become a thriving industry. The so-called “economic citizenship program” is expanding globally and now stands at approximately $18 billion a year, according to recent estimates. The residency by investment and citizenship by investment programs annually contribute $15 billion and $3 billion respectively. With Moldova and Montenegro also launching programs this fall, the number is projected to climb to $20 billion in the next two years.

Countries offering citizenship and residency by investment programs have utilized the investment capital for financing projects, overcoming intermittent financial turmoil and bolstering their economy. For instance, the restoration of 900 hurricane-damaged houses located in Saint Kitts and Nevis would have not been practical without contributions made to the Hurricane Relief Fund (this option is not currently available). Similarly, the Maltese citizenship by investment program resulted in a 6.4% economic growth in 2016, the highest rate of any EU country. Dominica’s citizenship by investment program is no exception as it is making practical changes to the lives of nationals. Dominica’s prime minister predicts that the economic citizenship program will ensure a total revenue of 406.6 million Eastern Caribbean Dollars by next year.

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Posted on October 29th, 2018 | All
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