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Like many other countries, Australia offers an outstanding investment-based residency program that also leads to a permanent residency within the country. For AUS$1.5 million, you can enjoy the very best Australia has to offer to its citizens.

The well-designed residency program attracts a wide range of individuals, each boasting a high net-worth. However, there are clear conditions to be met and Australia does not grant residency without applying a step-by-step process, irrespective of the investment value.


Program Benefits

There are several benefits to be gained through this residency program. Here’s why you should consider it:

-Australia is home to many growing industries, especially coal extraction, gas, iron ore, tourism, and agriculture, which means the economy is bound to only become stronger over the years.

-The economic development in Australia has been nothing short of stable, which has made the general business climate more favorable to fresh investors.

-Australia is one of the greatest economic centers within the Asia-Pacific region.

-The communications setup and general infrastructure are outstanding.

-Investment visas permit individuals to bring their families into the country.

-Increased chances of getting a permanent residency.

-Residents and citizens enjoy a very high standard of living.

Program Qualifications

There are several qualifications that investors need to possess in order to enroll in the residency program. To begin with, the applicant must be younger than 55 years. He/she must be fluent in the English language.

Investors must remain committed to their investment for at least a period of 4 years while also showing active involvement. Their investment must have a positive impact on the country’s economy.

The applicant must be sponsored by either the Austrade or the government via the national online skills system.

Other than that, applicants must also possess prominent business and investment profiles along with 5 years of relevant experience. For instance. He/she should show their involvement in a successful business, where their share was at least 10%. Or, they can show a record for the minimum investment of AUS$1.5 million.

Investors must also possess net assets worth AUS$2.25 million and they must prove that the assets were acquired legally.

The applicant must be in good health and of good character.

Applicants are also required to submit an expression of interest via SkillSelect, which is the Australian government’s online skill system. In the expression of interest, they must mention relevant experience, their business, and the even provide an outline of their investment plans within the country. The investment plan must focus on the benefits it will deliver to the local economy.

Investment Options

There are 4 investment streams to choose from.

  1. The Australia Investor Stream: Here, the investor must invest a minimum of AUS$1.5 million into a fresh startup or existing business. The investor must also participate in the management of the business. Government nomination is compulsory for this investment stream.
  2. The Significant Investor Visa: Here, the investor must invest AUS$5 million into an existing or fresh Australian business. He/she must also be involved in the management of the business. Austrade or government nomination is a must.

The investment must also be distributed a certain way. AUS$1.5 million must be allocated towards managed funds for new companies or investment companies. AUS$3 million must go to firms that invest in assets. AUS$500,000 must go to private equity or venture capital funds that support startups.

  1. Premium Investor Visa: Here, the investor must invest AUS$15 million and be engaged in the business. However, premium investors are invited specially by the government and therefore, these visas are limited.  The idea is to bring in investors that are skilled and capable of offering value, hence the restrictive approach.
  2. Business Innovation Stream: Here, the applicant must set up a new business in Australia. Government nomination is a must. However, no direct investments need to be made and the stream leads to a permanent residency just like the other three.

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GDP nominal (per capita)
$1.313 trillion
GDP (purchasing power parity)

(UTC+8 to +10.5)
7,692,024 km2
Australian dollar (AUD)
manufacturing, finance, ship building, information and technology, agricultural


  • Good quality public and private healthcare system
  • High quality education
  • Plenty of job opportunities

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